User Information

Track Web Site Visitors free with AVD, this is an online stats program to provide you with a free and up to date facilty to track web
site visitors. With AVD you can analyze all the visitors that have viewed your site.

To use this service you will need to add two lines of html code to each page on your site that you want to track. These lines of codeb do not affect your sites performance or alter your site's appearance in any way.

Features :

  • Designed using Open Laszlo, providing dragable windows and a customisable user interface.
  • Graphical views of daily and monthly unique and returning visitors.
  • Keyword cloud, showing at a glance your visitor's most common search terms.
  • Implemented google maps for visitor location.
  • User tracking, following where visitors go on your site.
  • Add new domains under the one account for easy navigation.
Domains can be added and removed simply by using the control panel provided with your account. All statistics are presented in a
clean and easy to understand format. The signup process is very straight forward and can be completed in seconds, you will find the
form here > sign up.

The setup is made easier if you have a cPanel hosting account, in cPanel you can access the file editor and modify the files you want
to track visitors on. If you have any issues or questions with the service you can contact us via email at the following address :

You may want to consider some options utilising the latest cloud computing technologies.

We would recommend that if nothing else you backup your data, more and more businesses are susceptible to loosing data and using reliable online backup has to be the way to go. Recovery can be expensive and so to take the action now and backup your data is essential for business continuity.